Sunday 21 August 2022

Ask Allah a Lasting Faith


Ask Allah a Lasting Faith

Mu’āwiyah b. Qurrah reports that Abū Al-Dardā` used to say, “We ask Allāh for a lasting faith (īmān), true certainty and beneficial knowledge.” Mu’āwiyah b. Qurrah then said, “So this indicates that there is a type of faith that does not last, and a type of certainty that is not true, and a type of knowledge that is not beneficial.”

Ibn Battah, Al-Ibānah Al-Kubrā Vol. 2 p498.


The supplication mentioned above is as follows in Arabic:

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Sunday 7 August 2022

Hadith: "He is not from us..."

Hadith: "He is not from us..."

Prophet Muḥammad Ṣallallāhu-ʿAlaihi Wa Sallam said:

“He is not from us who does not recite Qurʾān in a beautiful voice.”

● [مختصر صحيح الجامع الصغير برقم ٥٤٤٢ ، صححه الألباني]

Imām Ibn Bāz Raḥimahullāh said:

“This (Ḥadeeth) is a proof that beautifying one's voice and being attentive while reciting Qurʾān is something recommended for the submissiveness (Khushūʿ) of the Qārī and the one listening to him and it benefits both.”

● [من الموقع الرسمي]