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Three types of young people.

There are three types of young people. The upright, the corrupt, and the confused.

The Upright young people are believers in every sense of the word. They believe in their religion in such a way that they love it and are convinced by and content with it. They regard embracing it as profit and denial of it as clear loss.

The corrupt young people are religiously deviating, behaviorally reckless, self-deluded, and engulfed by their own vices.They do not accept truth from others, do not refrain from falsehood that is inherent in their minds, and are selfish in their conduct.

The confused young people are the ones who are uncertain, irresolute, and at a crossroad. They know the truth and are sure of it. They live in a religiously conservative society but have the misfortune of being exposed to evil channels from every direction. They are exposed to evils like scepticism about the truthfulness of the Muslim creed, corruption in conduct and behavior decadence in actions, attack on the established-customs and traditions.

Shaykh ibn ‘Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah) [Taken from: Mushkilaat Ash-Shabaab - Youth’s Problems]

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