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Checking from where the Sun Rises

It is reported that Al-Dahhāk said:

How surprising it is that the companions of ‘Abdulāh (ibn Mas’ūd) are looking now to see where the sun rises from. Do they not know that when Fajr comes from a direction, the sun rises from the same?

It is reported that Jundub b. ‘Abdillāh Al-Bajalī said:

I once sought permission to see Hudhayfah three times without being given permission. So I left, but his messenger caught up with me. [When I spoke to Hudhayfah] he asked, “What made you leave?” I replied, “I thought you were sleeping (after Fajr).” He said, “I do not sleep until I see where the sun rises from.” [The narrator] said, “I related this to Muhammad (another narrator), to which he said, ‘More than one of the Companions of Muhammad – Allāh’s praise and peace be upon him – did this.’”

Ibn Abī Shaybah, Kitāb Al-Adab articles 156 and 157.


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