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Ibn ‘Uthaymîn about those who forbid
the spreading of Sh Rabî’s cassette tapes

Scholar: Imâm Muhammad bin Sâlih bin ´Uthaymîn
Reference: Darulhadith, Sweden

Question: How do you advise the one who forbids Shaykh Rabî’ bin Hâdî’s cassette tapes and claims that they erupt problems and chaos, that they contain praise of the rulers in Saudi Arabia and that his, that is, Shaykh Rabî’s, praise of the rulers is hypocrisy?

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymîn: We deem this to be an error and a serious mistake. Shaykh Rabî’ is one of the scholars of the Sunnah.

He is one of the people of goodness. His ‘Aqîdah (creed) is sound and his manhaj (methodology) is straight. However, when he started to speak against some individuals of later time whom some of the people deem to be role models, they defamed him with these defects. Do you understand?

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