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The excellence of books of
Hadeeth such as al Bukharee!

Al-Fadl ibn Isma’eel al-Jarjaanee said in his lines of poetry:

“Saheeh al Bukharee – if they were fair to it,

would not be written except with water of gold,

It is the difference between the guided and the blinded,

It is a barrier excluding distress and ruin.

The asaaneed are like the stars of the sky,

The main text like a shooting star, With it,

the scales of the religion of the prophet (sallallahu alyhi wa sallaam) were set up,

The foreigners followed the arab in submitting to it,

Making a sheild from the fire, with no doubt in it.

Distinguishing between those who recieve (Allaah’s) pleasure

and those who recieve His anger” 

Siyar a’laam an-Nubala 12/471 & al Bidaayah wan-Nihayah 11/27/28


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