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Humility of shaykh al Fawzaan

Humility of shaykh al Fawzaan

Sheikh Saalih Ibn Fawzan in Todays Arabic newspaper (31/08/06) says:

 أنا لم أعد نفسي من العلماء وما زلت طالب علم مبتدئ وأدعو ربي فأقول: (رب زدني علماً) وفي الأثر أو الحكمة: مَنْ قال أنا عالم فهو جاهل، فأعوذ بالله أن أقول إني عالم.

I don’t consider myself from the scholars, I am still a student of knowledge, a beginner, and I call upon my Lord and say “O My Lord increase me in knowledge” and in the (well known) narrations or wise sayings it is said “Whoever says that he is a scholar then he is ignorant, so I seek refuge that I say I am a scholar.”

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