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O you transgressing sinner, slow down!

Imam abu Muslim and the Jinn

Abee Muhammad ibn Maasi said: ‘Aboo Muslim al-Kajji narrated to us:

“I went out and found that the hammam [a public bath] was open in the
early morning.
So I said to the person in-charge: ‘Has anyone entered yet?’

And he answered: ‘No.’

So I entered and immediately I opened the door, a speaker said to me:
‘Aboo Muslim aslim taslim [Abu Muslim submit and you will be saved].’ And then he
started reciting poetry saying:

لك الحمد إما على نعمة

‘For You [Allaah] is all the praise; either for the favours,

وإما على نقمة تدفع

Or for the afflictions you prevent;

تشاء فتفعل ما شئته

You Wish and You do as You will,

وتسمع من حيث لا سمع
And You hear what cannot be heard.’

He [Aboo Muslim] said: ‘So I hastened and left while I am shocked.

And I said to the caretaker of the hammam: “didn’t you say that there is nobody in it!!?”

So he said: ‘that is a jinn, time after time he reaches out [communicates] to us and speaks by lines of poetry!’

Thus I said: ‘Have you memorized any of his poetry?’

He replied: ‘Yes.’

And he then read to us:

أيها المذنب المفرط مهلا

O you transgressing sinner: Slow down,

كم تمادى وتكسب الذنب جهلا

how long have you –ignorantly- extended and acquired sins;

كم وكم تسخط الجليل بفعل
How many of the actions have you done to
anger The Noble,

سمج وهو يحسن الصنع فعلا
Disgustingly while think he is doing good;

كيف تهدا جفون من ليس يدري

How can the eyelids close and be calm; of the one who does not know,

أرضي عنه من على العرش أم لا

Is The One Above the throne pleased with him or not.”

End of narration.

Shaykh Al-Albaanee said: ‘The chain of this story is authentic; all its
narrators are Thiqaah. ’

The major scholar and Haafidh (memorizer), the leader of narrators of his era, Abu Muslim Ibraahim ibn Abdullaah al-Basree al-Kajji, the author of ‘Sunan’ ; he passed away in the year 292. And he had met Abu Aasim al-Answaaree, and lived long. [200-292 H].

Source: Mukhtaswar al-‘Uluww al-‘Aliyy Al-Ghaffar , of Imaam

- Even the jinn affirm and believe in the Noble Attributes of Allaah like: His Will, His Hearing, His Knowledge, His Anger, His Pleasure, and most importantly Al-Istiwaa [Him being Above the throne].

Translated by Aboo Waheeda

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