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Knowledge is followed by Love

Knowledge is followed by Love

Love is followed by pleasure. It is either weak or strong according to the degree of love. Whenever the desire for the cherished one is stronger, there is perfect pleasure. Love and yearning follow knowing Allah and appreciating His Greatness. Whenever our knowledge of Allah is perfect, we will love Him more perfectly. Therefore, the perfection of blessing and pleasure in the Hereafter can be traced back to Knowledge and Love.

Whoever believes in Allah, His Names and Attributes, and knows them well, would love Him a great deal, and his feeling of pleasure, his being close to Him, looking at His Face and hearing His words would be complete when meeting him on the Day of Judgment.

Every pleasure, blessing, joy and delight would be like a drop of water compared to the sea. So how is it that an intelligent person can prefer weak and short-lived pleasure that is mixed with pain, to great complete and eternal pleasure?

The perfection of man is based on these two abilities: knowledge and love and the best knowledge is the knowledge about Allah and the highest love is the love for His Sake. Surely, it is Allah’s help that should be sought.

Reference: Al-FawaidIbn Al-Qayyim (Rahimahullah) Pages 82-83

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