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“Every hadith Ibn Taymiyah does not know”

“Every hadith Ibn Taymiyah does not know”

Ad-Dhahbi said regarding Ibn Taymiyah:

وله خبرة تامة بالرجال، وجرحهم وتعديلهم، وطبقاتهم، ومعرفة بفنون الحديث، وبالعالي والنازل،
والصحيح والسقيم، مع حفظه لمتونه، فلا يبلغ أحد في العصر رتبته، ولا يقاربه، بحيث يصدق عليه أن يقال: كل حديث لا يعرفه ابن تيمية فليس بحديث

“He had complete knowledge regarding narrators, regarding their criticism and praise, and their category, and knowledge of sciences of Hadith, and ‘Aali and Naazil, and Authentic and unauthentic, with his specialization in Hifz of texts, so no one reaches his status during his time, not even near him, such that It would be true if said: “Every hadith (narration) which Ibn Taymiyyah does not know, is not a Hadith”.

["Tabaqat Al-Hanabilah", 4/500].

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