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Canceled engagement because the woman wants to work in Healthcare

Canceled engagement because the woman wants to work in Healthcare-
Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia
I have proposed to a woman who is studying the Healthcare program in a university. I stipulated that she shouldn´t work where men and women mix, of which there is excessively much of in our hospitals (i.e. mixing). I’m jealous. She first agreed to it. Then later on she regrets it and says that she will work. As a result, the engagement was canceled. I was angry and demeaned her. Some said that I was unjust towards her and said:
“Did she study just to merely sit at home? Who should give your mother, sister and wife care if you are jealous? Should men give them care?”
Have I been unjust and how should I expiate for having demeaned her? Is it unjust to possess jealousy?
Abdul-‘Aziz Al ash-Shaykh:
Oh brother!" It is correct to possess jealousy. It is from the religion of Allah to be vigilant with honour. 
That a woman works in healthcare with only women is something we call for. We hope that Allah grants us Muslim, women doctors. It is good that there are women who do well at work in a job which is characterized with an enviroment of women. What a Muslim is to condemn is that women mix with men and that the heart doesn´t sense any sin. That there are many women in the hospitals and in the universities which are specific for women is only good.
What do you advise him, should he return to her?
Let him return to her if she’ll only work with women. No harm is done. 

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