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Sheikh Uthamin rejects poem of praise
teaching an important lesson

The following is a summary translation taken from

Question: All praises belong to Allah, peace and blessing are upon the Messenger of Allah.

As to what follows; Noble Sheikh I seek your approval for this poem I am going to read.

Oh my Nation verily this night will be followed by daybreak and its light will spread throughout the earth

And the good is anticipated and the victory is expected and the truth despite the efforts of evil is victorious.

And with the accompaniment of the Creator's blessing its journey is pure, it has not with it flaws nor cloudiness.

As long as there is in our midst the son of Salih the Sheikh of our awakening, with the likes of him the support and triumph is expected.

Sheikh Uthamin: I do not agree with this praise, because I do not want to attach the truth with individuals. Every person will come and go therefore if we attached the truth with individuals that would mean that if the person died the people may lose hope after him.

Therefore I say if it is possible now to change the last verse with the statement: As long as our minhaj (methodology) is the first methodology as practiced by the Salaf, with the likes of this the support and triumph is expected; then this will be good.

I advise you not to make the truth connected to the men.

 Firstly, because they could go astray, and like this is the statement of Ibn Masuood, may Allah be pleased with him, when he said, "Whoever is going to attach himself to someone then let him attach himself to those whom have died because verily the living is not safe from trials."

If you make the truth connect to the people itýs possible that a person may be deceived by himself, and we seek refuge in Allah from this; and he may take a path that is not correct.

Therefore the person is not safe from making mistakes and Fitna, we ask Allah to make us and you firm.

 Secondly, the person is going to die, there is no one from amongst us who is going to live forever, {And We granted not to any human being immortality before you (O Muhammad), then if you die, would they live forever?} (Qur'an, Chapter 21 verse 34)

 Thirdly, it's possible that he could be deceived if he sees the people venerating him, and honoring him and rallying around him and it's possible that he may think he is free from error, and he may claim for himself infallibility, and that everything he does is correct, and that every path he takes is legislated; and there is no doubt that this will destroy him.

And for this reason when a man praised another man in the presence of the Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him, he (The Prophet peace and blessings are upon him) said, "Woe to you, you have cut the neck of your companion."

And I thank the brother for what he recited from the grammatical verses and I ask Allah to make me as good as what the brother thinks of me or better, but I do not like to be praised.


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