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Ibn Qudamah’s poetry
Allaah’s ‘Uluww (Transcendence)

Imam ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi (d.620H) eloquently and poetically said:

Allah described Himself with al-’Uluww fi’s-Sama

And He was described with this by the seal of the Anbiya,

And this was agreed upon by all of the ‘Ulama – from the pious Sahabah and fuqaha,

Narrations have been reported about this with yaqeen

And these have been accepted in hearts of the Muslimeen,

And this is a naturally instinctive belief in all creation,

So when a calamity befalls them they look to the heavens and raise their hands making supplications,

And they wait for succour to arrive from the Creator of creations,

And they pronounce this upon their tongues,

And this is only rejected by an extremist innovator, who is steeped in his deviance,

Or one tested by uncritical following of him in his misguidance.

[Ithbat Sifat al-'Uluww p.43]

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