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Shaytan has three ways of tempting man

Satan has three ways of tempting man:

One: Increase and extravagance; to have more than one needs. This addition is the way, which Satan uses to enter the heart. To protect oneself from that is to be careful not to fulfill all the needs of the soul like food, sleep, pleasure, or rest. Whenever you close this door, you would be safe from any enemy.

Two: Negligence; whoever remembers Allah is protected by the fortress of remembering Him. When he neglects that he will be opening the door of this fortress and the enemy will enter. It would then be difficult to drive him out.

Three: Caring for what is not his business in all matters of life.

Soure : Al-Fawaa’id : A Collection of Wise SayingsImam Ibn al-Qayyim
Umm AI-Qura For Translation, Publishing and Distribution

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