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The Salaf On Obesity

The Salaf On Obesity

Having a big stomach: you're disabled:

Ibn Rajab: "Some scholars said: If you have a big stomach, you should consider yourself disabled until you become slim." (al-Jami', p. 519,

Criticized for his big stomach just as he is done for his sins:

Salamah bin Sa'id: "A person is criticized for his big stomach just as he is criticized for his sins." (al-Jami', p. 519)

Eat less!

Abu 'Imran al-Juni: "The one who wants to have an enlightened heart should eat a little." (al-Jami', p. 519)

Sufyan ath-Thawri: "If you want to feel well and sleep a little, you should eat little." (al-Jami', p. 520)

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