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Condemning the leaders publicly:

 Is there any disagreement on the issue?

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Scholar: ´Allâmah Sâlih bin Fawzân al-Fawzân
Date: 1433-06-13/2012-05-04
Question: Is there unanimity or disagreement about it being forbidden to condemn the Muslim ruler publicly if there were to exist an advantage in condemning him?
Shaykh al-Fawzân: It is not whether there is disagreement on the issue. The point lies in who is right. We follow the one who is right since the messenger (sallâ Allâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) commands us to hear and obey the Muslim rulers, even if they are unjust. It is about adopting the smallest evil. Likewise, rebellion against the rulers leads to a greater disadvantage than the patience with their injustice. This is as long as they are Muslims.
If something leads to a greater disadvantage, then it is not allowed. It is not allowed to adopt something that leads to a greater disadvantage and an adverse effect. It is not allowed:
وَلاَ تُلْقُواْ بِأَيْدِيكُمْ إِلَى التَّهْلُكَةِ
“And do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction.”
(2:195, interpretation of the meaning)

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