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Praying Salah in Jamaa'ah in other than the Masjid

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Praying Salah in Jamaa'ah in other than the Masjid


A group of people live together in one place, so is it permissible for them to pray in congregation in that house or are they compelled to go to the Masjid?


"That which is obligatory upon this group who live in a house is that they pray in the Mosques, for everyone who has a mosque around him it is compulsory upon him to pray in the Mosque and it is not permissible for anyone (except the sick, women, small children etc..) or for any group that they pray in a house and the Mosque is close to the them.

But however, if the Mosque is far from them and they do not hear the call (to prayer), then there is no blame upon them if they pray in congregation in a house.

And some people have been lenient in this issue based upon the statement of some scholars - may Allah have mercy upon them - that the intent behind the congregation prayer is that the people come together for the prayer even if it is in other than the Mosque, so if the people prayed together even in their houses then verily they have carried out the task..

But the correct (stance) is that it is a must that the congregation prayers are to performed in the Mosques because of the statement of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him:

{{Verily, I have intended to command for the Prayer so it may be established, then order a man to lead the people in prayer, then depart with some men whlile with them are bundles of wood to a people who do not attend the prayer (in the Mosque) and then burn their houses upon them with fire.}}

Despite the fact that these people (mentioned in the hadeeth) could have prayed in their homes.

So therefore, it is obligatory upon that group of people that they pray in congregation in the Mosque except if they are far (from the Mosque) whereas it becomes difficult upon them."

Al-Imaam Muhammad bin Saalih Al-Uthaymeen

Taken from:

Fataawa Arkaan Al-Islaam, Page 367-368

Translated by:

Abu Abdir-Rahman Younus bin Muhammad As-Somali


1: Sahih Al-Bukhari (733), Sahih Muslim (651)1
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