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Statements of the Ulemah 

on the Muslimah Cutting Her Hair

Sheikh Muhammad bin Saalih al-Uthaymeen (raheemullah) has said:

"Religious scholars disapprove of women cutting their hair. Some of them have said that cutting of her hair is disliked except when performing Hajj or Umrah while others have prohibited it by saying that it is not permitted. Some scholars have allowed it with a condition that there should be no similarity to non muslim women or men. It is prohibited for a woman to become similar to a man, this is a sin. The same is also true regarding imitating disbelievers (women). Therefore, I find that she should not cut her hair either from front or from back of her head." [See Fatawa Manar Al-Islam, 826/3]

Sheikh Saleh Al-Fauzan (raheemullah) has said:

"A woman's hair is her beauty; therefore, she is required to take care of it. Styling of hair for adornment should be within the lawful limits and permitted means. She should hide her hair from men who are not her mahram (unmarriageable men). Getting hair cut or making it resemble that of men, defacing its shape or unnecessarily changing its color - all of this is unlawful, except dying gray hair with other than black color, which women are required to do. However, the styling of hair should not involve excessive expense, and women should not go to the hairdressers' shops, where perhaps workers are either men or non muslim women. Women may style hair at home, because this is modest and easier to do." [See Al-Dawa, 1311.]

And o n another occasion he (raheemullah) said:

"If cutting of hair does not involve tempting anyone or it is required because hair has become too long and thus greatly bothers the woman, then there is no harm in cutting of the hair, because the wives of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa salaam) also used to do this after his death in order to give up adornment and avoid growing long hair. But if a woman gets her hair cut in order to look like disbelieving women or to resemble men, then cutting of the hair is undoubtedly prohibited, because it would cause her to be similar to the disbelievers or men. If the haircut is done for grooming and beautification, then it appears to me as not allowed." [From Al-Dawa, 240]

Sheikh Abdul Azeez bin Baz (raheemullah) has said:

"We do not know about cutting of women's hair, but its shaving is prohibited; therefore, a woman should not shave the hair of her head. However, if she cut her hair because of their length or abundance, there is no harm in it. Cutting of hair should be in such a fashion that it pleases her husband and it should not be similar to that of disbelieving women. Shaving of her head is not allowed except in the case of illness. [See Fatawa Almarah, 165]

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