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Don´t request dua in exchange for charity

Don´t request dua in exchange for charity

Many times when a Muslim does a favor for another Muslim the one receiving the favor will thank them, so they will reply by saying, do not thank me just make dua for me. The Scholars have explained that this is not correct.

The following is a summary translation taken from the website of Sheikh Fawzan

Sheikh Fawzan said, (in his book Highlights of the religious verdicts of Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Tamiya in the creed) Sheikh of Islam Ibn Tamiya, may Allah have mercy upon him, said

And from the manners of the one who gives to others or spends upon others is that they should not seek a favor based on what they have given nor should they seek a reward from the creation based upon what they have given. And from the rewards is to request supplication (dua).

Allah says about those He has commended, we only feed you seeking the Face of Allah; we do not want from you any reward or any thanks. (Chapter 76 verse 9)

And supplication is a reward, as comes in the Hadith, whoever does a favor for you then return the favor to them; and if you are not able to find anything to return the favor with, then supplicate for them until you know that your supplication has equaled their favor.

And Aisha, when she would send out charity, she would say to the one delivering the charity, listen to the supplication that they make for us, so that you can make the same supplication for them that they made for us and therefore our reward can remain with Allah.

Some of the pious predecessors would say, if a beggar says to you may Allah bless you, then say to them, and may Allah bless you as well.

Therefore whoever does well to the creation, whether they are from the Prophets, or righteous people, or a king or a rich person; then this good must be done sincerely for the Face of Allah, only seeking the Face of Allah. And they should not request from the creation any reward, or supplication or anything else; not from a Prophet nor from a righteous man because Allah has commanded His slaves, all of them, to worship Him making the worship sincerely for Him alone.


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