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Sister wants to attend Taraweeh with her children

Sister wants to attend Taraweeh with her children

Question: My wife wants to pray Taraweeh at the masjid, but our children disturb the people praying. Can I forbid her from attending the masjid, so that she stays at home, take care of the children and establishes the night prayer within the house?

Shaykh Abdullah al-Bukharee  حفظه الله:

-The Prophet said that the best prayer for the women is in her home.

-It’s permissible (mubaah) for her to attend the masjid, but not Sunnah; rather the Sunnah for her is to pray in her home.

-Regarding the children who disturb the worshippers at the masjid, this makes it even more that she shouldn´t attend the masjid.

-The people who pray at the masjid have a right upon you, their right is that you do not disturb them from their ibaadah. By bringing these children you will be disturbing the worshippers and therefore not fulfilling their right upon you.

-This is also the reason why the Prophet forbade from the beautifying the masjid, in order that the people would not be distracted and lose their khusoo’.

-Therefore you are allowed to forbid her from attending, however do so with rifq(gentleness), explain to her the reasoning behind it, and she will be rewarded for praying the night prayer at home, in sha Allah.

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