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Do not become lazy and inactive your children

Do not become lazy and inactive your children

Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله said, discussing the parent’s responsibilities in raising the child in Tuhfat al-Mawdood (241):

He should avoid letting him became lazy and inactive, and should teach him the opposite. He should not let him rest for more than he needs to refresh his body and soul for more work, for laziness and inactivity bring bad consequences and will end in regret, but hard work brings good consequences, either in this world or in the Hereafter or in both.

 ابن القيم في معرض الحديث عما يجب على الولي من التربية في "تحفة المودود" (241) :

" ويُجنبهُ الكسلَ والبطالةَ والدعةَ والراحةَ ، بلْ يأْخذهُ بأضدادها ، ولا يُريحهُ إلا بما يجمُ نفسَهُ وبدنه للشغلِ ، فإنّ الكسلَ والبطالةَ عواقبُ سوءٍ ، ومغبةُ ندمٍ ، وللجدّ والتعبِ عواقبُ حميدةٌ ، إمّا في الدنيا ، وإما في العُقبى ، وإمّا فيهما "

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