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The ruling on copying voices of famous recitors- collection of fatwas from major scholars
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Bismil-llaah, wal-Hamdulil-llaah, was-Salaatu was-Salaamu ‘alaa Rasoolil-llaah,
Imam Muhammad Naasirud-Deen Al-Albaanee rahimahul-llaah was asked: What is the ruling on copying the voices of recitors?
And he replied:
“I can not find an answer to this question other than his saying peace is upon him: “I and my Ummah are free from pretension”  [this hadeeth has been weakened by An-Nawawee and Al-Haafith Al-'Iraaqee. And stronger that it is the hadeeth of 'Umar: "we have been prohibited from pretension to the guest" As-Silsilah As-Saheehah 2392]  That is one thing, the other thing, it is feared that this will lead to a fitnah where the point of reciting is forgotton and copying becomes the origin and I remembered when you asked this question some lecturers who who copy the Egyptian Kushuk. So the book of Allaah is too noble and too exalted to be recited by copying others. And there is one last thing, his saying peace is upon him: “the best from people to recite whom if you hear him reciting you see him fearing Allaah” And those imitators can not be seen doing so” [Sahihul-Jaami' 2202]. Fatwas of Juddah, tape no 4, minutes 34.39 unti 36.9
Imam Muqbel bin Haadee Al-Waadi’ee rahimahul-llaah was asked: what is the ruling on copying the voices of recitors?
And he replied:
“The advice we give is not to copy because this may distract the person from pondering the Qur’aan and Allaah says: {Do they not reflect upon the Qur’aan, or are there lock upon [their] hearts} Muhammad 24. And bigger than that is if he is copying someone who can carry on reciting until the end of verse and he is weak and unable to do that, so he may go into pretension and harm himself. Yes, it does not reach prohibition but the advice we are giving is not to copy”.
The ‘Al-llaamah Saalih bin Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan hafithahul-llaah was asked: what is your opinion regarding copying the recitors in our era, there are some Imams who copy some recitors in their recitation particularly during the Taraweeh prayer?
And he answered: “there are two kinds of copying the recitors, a one in which he is copying them to perfect the Tajweed and recitation. This is a must-do, the person benefits from the recitors and he reads the Qur’aan correctly. As to copy the voices of recitors, elong the Qur’aan, repeat and prolong on people, this is detested. It causes boredem to the listeners, makes it hard on those who are lead in prayer and brings about a hardship on people”.
The ‘Al-llaamah Bakr bin Abdul-llaah Abu Zayd rahimahul-llaah said in his book Tasheehud-Du’aa (correcting the Du’aa’) p300-318: “the observer will nto find a letter that the companions and those who came after them copied a person who has a pleasant voice when it comes to reciting the Qur’aan. And if it there is, it would have been transmitted, and if it was there then it would have been more incumbent to copy the best whom read the Qur’aan, our Prophet peace is upon him”.
And he said: “in addition, there is a sense of a humiliating subjugation in copying the good voice, and the law instill in souls dignity, honor, elevating brains and singling the following to the way of Prophet-hood alone”.
And he said: “and ponder, is he whom you copied copying someone else or is it out of what he has been gifted from Allaah?”.

And Allaah knows best.

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