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Occupying Oneself with Jurisprudence
And Acquring Narrations Is Not enough
to Correct the Heart

Imaam Ibn al-Jawzee- Rahimauallaah- said:

" I feel that occupying oneself with jurisprudence and acquiring the narrations is hardly enough to correct the heart, unless he adds to that study of raqaa'iq (heart melting narrations) and the study of the lives of the Salaf us-Saaliheen (the Pious Predecessors). since they attained what is desirous from the narrations and took the outer actions what is ordered and what is wanted from them. And I do not inform you of this except after personal trial and experience. Since I have found the majority of the narrations and the students of Hadeeth are concerned chiefly in attaining the briefest isnaad (chain of narration) and increase in the number of narrarions. And the majority of the jurisprudents are concerned with dialects and how to win arguments. So how can the heart be softened with these things? previously a group of the Salaf would visit a pious servant to see his conduct and manners, not to take from his knowledge. This was because the fruit of his knowledge was his manners and conduct, so understand this. Thus, along with the study of fiqh and hadeeth, study the lives of the salaf and those who were zaahid (abstainers) with regards to the world, so that maybe a cause of softness in your hearts."

Sayid ul Khaatir p.216

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