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Domestic Violence against Muslim Women

Q: What advice can you give to a Muslim woman who is going through domestic violence?
A: Firstly: She should be patient and ask Allah to guide her husband and also ask Allah to make her situation easy for her
Secondly: She should try to find someone whether they are from his family, friends etc… Someone who can speak to him, advise him and advise him to fear Allah
Thirdly: She should look at her situation and weigh out her options. She must seek guidance in Allah and then look at the pros and cons of remaining with her husband, if he persists upon abusing her. So if she has children from him, or she will go through a great hardship, or there isn’t anyone who will provide for her, etc… then she should stay with him and try to remain patient, this is her decision
Fourthly: After seeking guidance from Allah, if she sees that the abuse is too much for her and he won’t change; then she has the right to seek the Khula’ (annulment from the marriage) from him, Na’am
Answered by: Sheikh, Dr. ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Abdir-Rahman al-Jarboo’, (may Allah raise his status in both worlds).
Translated by: Muhammad Ibn Muneer ‘Abdul-Hameed.

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