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Uthaimeen on Eed

Uthaimeen on Eed 

 Shaikh Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on him, said, 

“From Islaam’s qualities is this happy Eed, which Allaah crowned the month of fasting with and which He opened the months of Hajj to His Sacred House with, and it is the day during which the Muslims go out, pleased with the blessings of having completed the fasting and prayer which Allaah bestowed upon them, performing the Eed prayer in glorification of Allaah and to establish His Remembrance, and as a demonstration of the love and thanks their hearts have for Him, and they make good their thoughts of their Protector, because He is as His Slaves think of Him.” 

 Ad-Diyaa’ul-Laami minal-Khutabil-Jawaami’, vol. 1, p. 398.

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