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Salvation is through Islaam regardless of one's condition in life

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) debated with a Christian scholar until the truth became clear to him, but he refrained from entering Islam on the grounds that the Christians venerated him and he said: I do not know any trade and I have not memorized any Qur’aan or grammar or fiqh. If I become Muslim I will go around the marketplaces begging from people. Who could agree to that? Ibn al-Qayyim said: That will not happen! How can you think of Allah that if you give precedence to pleasing Him over your whims and desires He would humiliate you and make you in need of others? Even if we assume that that will befall you, what you have attained of truth and salvation from the Fire and from the wrath and anger of Allah will be the most complete compensation for what you have lost. End quote. 

Hidaayat al-Hayaara, p. 119 

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