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Ruling on the use of the loudspeaker in mosques during prayers

We reside in the land of the Kuffaar (disbelievers) and most of our Masaajid are surrounded by them. However, almost all these Masaajid use the loudspeaker during the Salaah, although the followers are able to hear their Imaam without the microphone and the loudspeaker. Hence, some of the Kuffaar nearby complain about the noise from the loudspeakers. What is the correct stance in regard to using the loudspeaker during Salaah?

Bismillaah, alhamdulillahi wassalatu wassalaamu alaa rasoolillahi wa ala’ aalihi wasallam, amma ba’ad

Shaykh Ibnu Uthaymeen رحمه الله used to say: “There is no need to switch on the speakers during the Salaah as the reason for the Iqamat us Salaah is to inform those gathered for prayer within the Masjid to get ready for prayer”. Hence, if loudspeakers are to be used it is sufficient to be used only to announce the Adhaan, as the aim of the Adhaan is to inform the people outside the Masjid to come for the congregational prayer.

Wallaahu ta’ala A’lam

Answered by Ahmad Banajah
Transcribed by Abu Abdillaah Rifkhan  

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