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Eating and Drinking in Jannah..!

Eating and Drinking in Jannah..!
Ibn Hibbaan collects a hadeeth that mentions that a Jewish Man approached the prophet and said: "Oh Abul Qaasim! Do you not claim that the people of Jannah will eat in Jannah and drink? So he said:
"Yes! by he in whose hands is the soul of Muhammad! Indeed one of them will be given the strength of one hundred men for eating, drinking and sexual relations" he (The man) said: 
But the one who eats and drinks needs to answer to the call of nature, but there will be nothing harmful (or unpleasant) in Jannah! so he replied:  "Answering the call of nature for one of them will be through perspiration that will exit their skins with the fragrance of musk, then their stomachs will be emptied (and become lean)(Collected by Ahmad and Nasaa'ie and declared 'Saheeh' by Shaikh Al Albaani in 'Saheeh Targheeb' 3739)

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