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Regarding Remaining Silent concerning
Errors & Mistakes in the Religion

Question: Some brothers who associate themselves with being students of knowledge and Du’aat (Callers), whenever I speak about some personalities such as Taariq as-Suwaydaan and al-Qaradhaawee to them, and warn from them and from their tapes, they say that Allah causes benefit by these two so it is not permissible for us to speak about them. What is your opinion?

Answer: It is obligatory for us to clarify the mistake and error; we do not look at the personality. Even if some benefit is gained it does not prevent explaining the error or mistake the person has in order to avoid the error or mistake or so that the person committing it can recant from it. If we were to remain silent about one’s mistakes and say this one has benefit, he benefits so we remain silent about his mistakes, this is wrong and not permissible to remain silent. Rather, the errors are clarified for the sake of refraining from it and for the person who made it to be made aware of it so that he can leave it.

If the scholars were to remain silent from explaining mistakes, the mistake will spread, the error will spread and then all types of evil will spread. Therefore it is necessary to clarify errors. It is not our intention to focus on personalities or to put people down. On the contrary, our purpose is to protect the religion without specifying anyone.

We protect our religion and our creed from mistakes and from deviant statements without specifying anyone. Our religion is more important to us than personalities. We guard our religion, we do not guard personalities when an issue occurs, but we use the best methods (in correcting) and wisdom, and calling in a manner that is best. No doubt that these issues are required to use without disparaging someone. This is something required. However, it is necessary to explain the truth regardless of who is pleased with it or whoever becomes angry.

Dr. Saalih bin Fawzaan bin ‘Abdullah al-Fawzaan, Member of the Major Scholars and Permanent Committee for Religious Rulings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Taken al-Ijaabaat al-Muhimmah fee al-Mashaakil al-Mulimmah from page 168-169 Ruling no. 133

Translated by Aboo ‘Imraan al-Mekseekee- may Allah guide him

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