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Questions Pertaining to Children’s Clothes

Questions Pertaining to Children’s Clothes
Many children’s clothes have pictures of living creatures on them and some of these clothes are things that are disposable, such as footwear and diapers for children under three years of age, while others are not disposable, rather they are kept and cleaned. What is the ruling on such clothes?

The scholars have said that it is unlawful to dress a child in what it is unlawful for adults to wear. Whatever has an image on it is unlawful for adults to wear, so it is also unlawful for children to wear it. This is the answer. What the Muslims should do is to boycott these clothes and shoes so that the evildoers will have no means of reaching us in this matter. If they re boycotted they will never find a way of bringing them into this land, because when they are boycotted there will be no point in bringing them here.

Is it permissible to dress male children in things that are specifically for girls, such a gold, silk or other things and vice versa?

This is understood from the answer to the previous question; I said that the scholars say that it is unlawful to dress a child in that which is unlawful for an adult. Based on this, it is unlawful to dress male children in clothes that are specifically for girls and vice versa.
Does this include clothes hanging below the ankles for male children?
Yes, it does include that.

And does it include dressing them in clothes that entail imitation of the disbelievers, such as hats and trousers?

This is a separate subject. For Muslims to imitate the disbelievers in their dress or in other matters- regardless of whether they are males or females, minors or adults- is unlawful, according to the saying of the Prophet :

“Whoever imitates a people, is one of them.” (Abu Dawood in his Sunan 4031)

In addition, Muslims should have a strong, distinctive character, which prevents them from following others, because they are superior and their religion is the most superior, as Allah, the Most High, says,

“So do not become weak (against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior (in victory) if you are indeed (true) believers.”(Soorah Ali-‘Imran 3:139).

And Allah the Most High, says,

“It is He Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad ) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), to make it superior over all religions.” (Soorah At-Tawbah 9:33)

Is it permissible for children, male or female, to wear short garments which reveal their thighs?

It is well known that there is no ruling on ‘awrah for children under seven years of age, but there is no doubt that making children accustomed to these skimpy clothes, short clothes will cause them to think little of displaying their ‘awrahs in the future.
In fact, a person may not be ashamed to reveal their thigh because they used to reveal it when they were a child, and will not be bothered about it. Then people looking at each other’s ‘awrahs will be like their looking at each other’s faces, wherein it is not unlawful and they do not feel embarrassment by having people see it. So, it is my opinion that children should be prevented- even though they are small- from wearing such clothes, and they should wear modest clothes which will ward off sin.

What is the ruling on piercing the ears of girls in order for them to wear gold earrings. Is this a form of mutilation and torture, as some of the scholars of Islamic Jurisprudence have said?

The correct view is that there is not objection, because is a means of attaining a permissible type of adornment. In addition, it has been confirmed that the women among the Companions had earrings that they wore in their ears. Also, the pain inflicted is minor, especially if the hole is made when they are small; it will heal quickly.

What is the ruling on shaving a girl’s head at the time of birth or after that, in the hope that it will make her hair grow long and thick? Is it prescribed by the Sunnah to have the head at the time of birth for boys?

Shaving her head is not prescribed by the Sunnah on the seventh day, as it is for males. As for shaving for the benefit which you mentioned- if it is correct- the scholars say that shaving the head of a girl is disliked. However, it might be argued that if it has been confirmed that this causes the hair to grow long and thick, then there is no objection to it, because is well known that the dislike of a thing is eliminated in cases of need.

What is the age of a child at which a woman veil herself from males? Is it at the age of discretion or puberty?

Allah, Most High says,when referring to those to whom a woman’s beauty may be shown,
“Or children who are as yet unmindful of women’s awrat.” (Soorah An-Noor 24:31).

When a child begins to pay attention to a woman’s awrah and begins to look at her and talk a great deal about it, then it is not permissible for a woman to reveal herself in front of him. 
This differs from one child to another, according to the company he keeps. A boy might pay attention to women if he commonly sits with people who talk a great deal about women. But if this is not the case, he may pay no attention to women.

The important point is that Allah has defined this matter in His Words:

“Or children who are as yet unmindful of women’s awrat.” (Soorah An-Noor 24:31)

Therefore, this means that it is lawful for a woman to reveal her beauty to him if he is unmindful of her ‘awrah and pays no attention to the matter of women.

Does touching a baby penis when cleaning them after they have urinated or defecated invalidate a person’s wudoo’?
It does not invalidate wudoo’.

Is it permissible for a father or mother to punish a child by spanking or placing something bitter or hot in his mouth, such a pepper, if he does something wrong?

It is permissible to punish a child by spanking, if they have reached an age where they are able to benefit from it, usually ten years of age. As for giving them something hot, this is not permissible, because hot in their mouth might cause ulcers or inflammation in their stomach, which might lead to (permanent) harm. On the contrary, spanking, which is on the surface of the skin, is not objectionable, if they learn from it and it is not severe.

And if a child is younger than ten years?

If a child is younger than ten years, it is necessary to make a judgement regarding them, for the Messenger of Allah sws only permitted spanking for those ten years old (and above) if they do not pray. Therefore, if a child is younger than ten years, it must be assessed whether or not he is able to distinguish between right and wrong. A small boy who is less than ten years of age might possess understanding and intelligence, and he may be physically large enough to stand being spanked, rebuked and being disciplined, or he might not.

Is there any objection to a mother and father having their child memorise the Qur’an, while they are aware that he might recite it in the toilet while he is answering the call of nature,or he might recite it in a matter that does not befit the Noble Qur’an, in spite of being warned many times against doing so?

Yes, a mother and father should instruct their young child in memorisation of the Noble Qur’an, and they should not be recited. If they do this, then they are not held accountable for it- I mean the children- so there is no sin on them. As for the parents, when they hear them reciting it in a place that is unbefitting, they should speak to them and make it clear to them that it is not permissible. Also, it has been confirmed in Saheeh Al-Bukhari that ‘Amr bin Salamah Al-Jarmi became an Imam when he was six or seven years old- and that was during the lifetime of the Prophet .

If there is a courtyard attached to the house in which the children play,within the walls of the house, would that serve to implement the haddeth regarding the necessity of keeping children inside at maghrib time, due to the spreading abroad of the evils? Or does this hadeeth apply to being outside on the street?

The hadeeth pertains to being in the street, outside the house. As for inside the house, there is no objection.

When a woman is praying, it is necessary for her to prevent her small child from passing in front of her, bearing in mind that this happens to her sometimes and preventing him from doing so causes her to lose her sense of humility in prayer; and if she prays alone, she fears that some harm may befall the child?

There is no sin on her in allowing him to pass in front of her in this situation, if he does so frequently, and she fears that it will ruin her prayer if she prevents him, according to what the scholars have said- may Allah have mercy on them. But, in this situation, it is necessary on her to give him something to distract him, so that he may be near her, because when a child is given something to distract him, he pays no attention to anything else. However, if his better to delay the prayer, so that she can satisfy his hunger or thirst and then offer her prayers.

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