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He has two wives who live a long distance apart

He has two wives who live a long distance apart


Eminent shaykh, a man has two wives and each lives a far distance away and thus it isn’t feasible for him to divide the duration of staying at each of them equally –keeping in mind that the location of his business is in the same place as one of the wives- which leads him to spend more time with her than the other one. Is this husband sinful in this situation?


It is looked; are the two wives pleased with this situation or not? If they are, then the matter is easy and clear, because the rights belong to them so if they agree with what he is doing then there is no problem.

But if each of them was to demand her right, then it is a must on him to correct the situation: so if he stays six day with one of them then it is obligatory to stay six days with the other one; this is if it is difficult for him to travel every day [and be one day here and one day there], or divide the duration to whatever they agree upon [two days each, three, four…..].

Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah)

Silsilah Liqaa Baabul Maftuh : 21/66

Translated by Aboo Waheeda

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