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Distinguishing the Sunni From The Bid'iyy

Below[1] are excerpts from the book: Juz'un Feehi Imtihaan us-Sunnee Min al-Bid'iyy by Imaam Abul-Faraj Abdul-Wahid bin Muhammad ash-Sheeraazee al-Maqdisi (d. 486H). The author covers a series of aspects of the Islamic 'aqidah and separates the Sunni stance from the bid'iyy stance.

Concerning Imaan:
If he says: Imaan is speech, action, intention and agreement with the Sunnah, then he is a Sunni
If he says: Belief in the heart he is an Ash'ari
If he says: Speech without action, he is a Murji'

Concerning Allaah's Speech:
If he says: He spoke with it (i.e. the Qur'an) with letter and voice he is a Sunni
If he says: His speech is established with His Dhaat he is an Ash'ari
If he says: He brought about the speech (in someone other than Himself) he is a Mu'tazili

Concerning The Qur'an, did Jibreel descend with it to the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) or is it merely an authored expression:
If he says: He (Jibreel) descended with the Qur'aan (itself) he is a Sunni
If he says: He (Jibreel) descended with his expression (of it in meaning) he is an Ash'ari

Concerning the Creator, is He ascended above the Throne or not:
If he says: He is ascended above the Throne without asking how he is a Sunni
If he says: No, then he is an Ash'ari Mu'tazili

Concerning the Descent (an-Nuzool):
If he says: He descends every night, he is a Sunni
If he denies it he is an Ash'ari


Allaamah Abdul Azeez aal-Salmaan said, "...the people of innovation have diseased hearts, and it is feared for the one who mixes with them or calls upon them that he will be affected by what they have from this chronic disease. This is since the sick person contaminates the healthy person, and not the opposite. So beware, beware of all the innovators. From the people of innovation whom we are obligated to distance ourselves from and boycott are: The Jahmees, the Raafidees, the Mu'tazilah, the Matureediyyah, the Khawaarij, the Sufis, the Ash'arees and anyone following their way from the groups that have deviated from the methodology of the Salaf. So the Muslim must beware of them and warn against them.[2]




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