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Ibn Taymia wrote,

Jinn, with humans, are in different situations. If one order the jinn to what Allah and His Messenger has ordered from the worship of only Allah and obedience to Him and His Prophet, and he also orders mankind to the same, then that person is from the most virtuous of the patrons of Allah. And he is acting as the successor of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his lieutenant.
If a person uses the jinn for activities that are permissible and he also orders them what is obligatory for them and prevents them from what is prohibited for them, then he is similar to a king that behaves in the same manner. Then the most he can become is a devotee of Allah among the general devotees of Allah, like the comparison between a Prophet who was given rule and worshipping messenger of Allah: like Solomon and Joseph with respect to Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, the blessings of Allah and peace be upon all of them.

If he uses the jinn for activities that have been prohibited by Allah and His Messenger , as idolatry, or killing one who has no right to be killed, or being an enemy of the people without fighting them, such as harming others or making them forget knowledge and other acts of oppression, or committing lewd acts – that is, he uses them to help him in sin and transgression and idolatry- he is a disbeliever. If he uses them for acts of disobedience then he is a sinner, either a faasiq (wicked evildoer) or a sinner who is less than that.

If the person is completely ignorant of Islamic law and uses the jinn for what he believes to be noble deeds, such as having the jinn take him to the pilgrimage, and similar other activities. The person is mislead and has been duped by such actions

Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymia

[Majmoo, vol. 11, 307]

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