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Imam Ahmad on Rafidas

Imam Ahmad on Rawafid

“Imam al-Khilaal said: ‘Abd al-Malik ibn ‘Abd al-Hamid informed me saying: I heard Abu ‘Abd Allah [Imam Ahmad] say: ‘Whosoever reviles the Companions, then I fear disbelief for him like the Rawafid‘. Then he said, ‘Whosoever reviles the Companions of the Prophet, then we do not believe he is safe from having rejected the Religion‘.” (Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 3:493)

“Abu Bakr mentions I asked Abu ‘Abd Allah concerning the individual that verbally abuses Abu Bakr, Umar and A’ishah. He replied ‘I do not regard them to be Muslim.‘ He further says ‘I have heard Malik say, ‘Whoever verbally abuses the Sahabah of Rasul Allah he has no share in Islam‘.’(Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 3:493)

“Zakariyya bin Yahya mentions he has heard Abu Talib mention that he mentioned to Abu ‘Abd Allah concerning an individual who verbally abuses Uthman and people have mentioned this fact to me that he speaks ill of Uthman. He replied they [he ones who speak ill] are zindiqs.” (Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 3:493)

“Yusuf bin Musa mentions that Abu ‘Abd Allah was asked – this was mentioned to me by Ali bin ‘Abd al-Samad – He replied I asked Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal concerning a Rafidi neighbor who greats me , should I answer his Salam? He replied ‘No‘.” (Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 3:493)

“Muhammad bin al-Hussain mentions Fadhal bin Ziyad narrates that Abu ‘Abd Allah said, ‘Don’t speak to Rawafid‘.” (Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 3:494)


Attached to this post there is a video of a Shi'a "Sheikh" Yasir al Habib, cursing the sahaba during salah.

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