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From the Sayings of 'Abdullaah ibn Mas'ood 1 - 2

Shaykhul Islaam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
Reference: Al Fawaaid: P.162

From the Sayings of 'Abdullaah ibn Mas'ood [1]

Ash Shaykh Al Imaam Al ‘Alaamah Ibnu Qayyim Al Jawzeeyah (رحمه الله)

A man in the company of ‘Abdullaah ibn Mas'ood said:

“I do not wish to be from amongst the companions of the Right Hand, I wish to be from amongst the Muqaraboon (those who are brought close (to Allaah)!"

So ‘Abdulllaah said:

"But here is a man who wishes that if he died he would not be resurrected [from fear of Allaah]." Meaning himself.

He left his house one-day and people followed him, so he said to them:

"Is there anything that you need?"

They said:

"No, but we want to walk with you."

He said:

"Go back, because it is lowly /dishonorable for the follower and a Fitnah for the one being followed."

He also said:

"If you knew about me what I know about myself, you would pour sand over my head.

None of you should make Taqleed (blindly follow) another man in regards to his religion, if he [one being followed] believes then he believes and if he disbelieves then he disbelieves. If you had to blindly follow someone, then take those who have passed away as examples, for indeed those who are alive are not safe from Fitnah.

“Look for you heart it three places:

1) When you are listening to the Quraan;

2) in the circles of remembrance [of Allaah];

3) and when you are alone.

If you don’t find it in these places, then ask Allaah to bless you with a heart for indeed you have no heart.

Indeed people have become proficient in speech, so he whose deeds are in accordance to his speech, then he is the one that will attain his portion of reward, and he whose deeds are in opposition to his speech, then he is one that only rebukes himself.

Truly I believe that a man forgets knowledge that he once possessed due to a sin that he practices.

Knowledge is not in narrating a lot, but knowledge is fear [of Allaah].”

From the Sayings of 'Abdullaah ibn Mas'ood [2]

Ash Shaykh Al Imaam Al ‘Alaamah Ibnu Qayyim Al Jawzeeyah (رحمه الله)

“There is nothing on the face of the earth that is more in need of being imprisoned for a lengthy period of time than the tongue”

A man said to him:

"Teach me some words that are concise and beneficial!"

So he said:

"Worship Allaah and do not associate any partners with him. Follow the Qur-aan wherever it directs you. Whoever comes with the truth, accept it from him even if he was distant and hated by you and whoever comes with falsehood, then reject it even if he was close and beloved to you.

Be the springs of knowledge, the lamps of guidance, attached/bound to your homes, lights of the night, refreshers of the hearts, Khulqaan (best/cleanest?) of clothes, known in the heavens, unknown to those on earth.

As long as you are in prayer, you are knocking at the door of a king, and whoever knocks at the door of a king will have the door opened for him.

There will be a people at the end of times called ‘Al Nataan’. Constantly blaming one another will be the best of their actions.

If a person would like to be just to himself, let him treat others in the same way that he would like to be treated.”

Translator: Nadir Ahmad, Abu Abdul-Waahid

من كلام عبد الله بن مسعود

شيخ الإسلام ابن قيم الجوزية

لفوائد - ص162

قال رجل عنده : ما احب أن أكون من أصحاب اليمين , احب أن أكون من المقربين ! فقال عبد الله : لكن هاهنا رجل ود انه إذا مات لم يبعث , يعنى نفسه. وخرج ذات يوم فتبعه الناس , فقال لهم الكم حاجه ؟ قالوا لا ولكن أردنا أن نمشى معك , قال : ارجعوا فانه ذلة للتابع وفتنه للمتبوع . وقال لو تعلمون منى ما اعلم من نفسي , لحثوتم على رأسي التراب . لا يقلدن أحدكم دينه رجلا , فان آمن آمن، وان كفر , كفر , وان كنتم لا بد مقلدين , فاقتدوا بالميت , فان الحي لا تؤمن عليه الفتنه. اطلب قلبك في ثلاث مواطن : عند سماع القرآن , وفى مجالس الذكر , وفى أوقات الخلوة , فان لم تجده في هذه المواطن , فسل الله أن يمن عليك بقلب , فانه لا قلب لك . إن الناس قد احسنوا القول , فمن وافق قوله فعله , فذلك الذي أصاب حظه , ومن خالف قوله فعله , فذاك إنما يوبخ نفسه . اني لاحسب الرجل ينسى العلم كان يعلمه بالخطيئة يعملها. ليس العلم بكثرة الرواية , ولكن العم بالخشية ما على وجه الأرض شئ أحوج إلي طول سجن من اللسان . وقال له رجل: علمني كلمات جوامع نوا فع ! فقال عبد الله: اعبد الله لا تشرك به شيئاً وزل مع القرآن حيث زال ، ومن جاء بالحق ، فقبل منه وان كان بعيدا بغيضا ، ومن جاءك بالباطل ، فاردد عليه وان كان حبيبا قريبا. كونوا ينابيع العلم ، مصابيح الهدى ، احلاس البيوت ، سرج الليل ، جدد القلوب ، حلقان الثياب، تعرفون في السماء، وتخفون على أهل الأرض . يكون في آخر الزمان أقوام افضل أعمالهم التلاوم بينهم ، يسمون الانتان . إذا احب الرجل أن ينصف من نفسه ، فلياتى إلى الناس الذي يحب أن يؤتى إلي

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