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The most diseased form of Gheeba

Backbiting other in order to make people not follow that person in the hope people will follow you instead

The most diseased form of Gheeba
Ibn Jawzi رحمه الله  said, “The most diseased form of backbiting is when people induce others to stay away from some people, while having others look towards them.

They combine the acts of dispraising the one in mention and earning praise for themselves. Due to their ignorance they are oblivious to fact that they are falling into two sins: backbiting and showing-off.

For example a person is mentioned within their circle and they say: “Praise to Allah we have no concern to visit the Sultan and strive for the vanities of this world,” or they say about him, “We seek refuge in Allah from deficient modesty, We ask Allah to save us from being immodest.”

Though these kinds of words they instruct people to see the shortcomings of someone else (while trying to establish they are free from that shortcoming so people should follow them and not the person they backbit).”

Ref: Minhajul Qasideen by Ibn Jawzi vol.2 pg.680.

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