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Do the awliyaa’ have the ability to answer one’s prayers? By Shaykh al Fawzaan

Answering a Doubt from the Grave

 Worshipper​s by Shaykh Fawzan

Do the awliyaa’ have the ability to answer one’s prayers?

 Q: He says: Noble Shaykh, may Allah give you success. Some of the grave worshippers say, we pray to the wali (saint), and he answers some of our prayers. So because he has the ability to do this, this means it’s permissible to pray to him. So how do we respond to this?
A. (Shaykh Fawzan)
My brother, the achievement of a goal by way of shirk does not prove that it’s permissible, because this is a test and a trial, and gradual punishment from Allah azza wa jall. He may be punishing you gradually with this.
Or the devil who is present at the grave or tomb is answering your needs in order to mislead you from the path of Allah, because he may have the ability and he can’t be seen. He might respond to your need and bring this to you from somewhere far off.
This is either a gradual punishment from Allah, or it is from the devil, intending to mislead you, or it happened as a decree and a due measure. It was already decreed for you to obtain this need at this time and this place, by the decree and due measure of Allah, not because you called upon this dead person.
And the point is that Allah has forbidden this. That’s enough. It’s enough that Allah forbade this. “So don’t call upon anyone other than Allah.” (Qur’an, 72:18) This is enough. So if they say, “This is not enough for me, and I will call upon other than Allah”, then say, “Then you have destroyed yourself.”
Taken from the explanation of تنظيف الاعتقاد من ادران الالحاد on 1432-03-26

Translation: MTWS
Presented to you by Markaz Tawheed was-Sunnah in Durham, NC

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