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Meat of Aqeeqah...raw or cooked?

Meat of Aqeeqah...raw or cooked?
Ibn Qudaamah said:
The way it is to be eaten (by the owner), given as gifts and given in charity is the same, i.e., the way in which the ‘aqeeqah is to be (shared out) is the same as the way in which the udhiyah is (shared out). This is the view of al-Shaafa'i.
Ibn Seereen said:
Do whatever you want with the meat. Ibn Jurayj said: It should be cooked in salt and water, and given to neighbours and friends, but nothing of it should be given in charity. Ahmad was asked about this, and he quoted the view of Ibn Seereen, which indicates that this was also his view. He was asked whether one could eat it, and he said, I did not say that he should eat all of it and not give any of it in charity.
The more correct view is to liken it by analogy (qiyaas) to udhiyah because it is a sacrifice which is prescribed in sharee’ah, but it is not obligatory, so it is like udhiyah, and because it is like it in terms of the attributes, age, value and conditions [of the animal] , so it is like it in terms of the manner in which it is disposed of.
(al-Mughni, 9/366) 
قال ابن قدامة :
وسبيلها في الأكل والهدية والصدقة سبيلها ـ يعني سبيل العقيقة كسبيل الأضحية .. وبهذا قال الشافعي .
وقال ابن سيرين : اصنع بلحمها كيف شئت ، وقال ابن جريج : تطبخ بماء وملح وتهدى الجيران والصديق ولا يتصّدق منها بشيء ، وسئل أحمد عنها فحكى قول ابن سيرين ، وهذا يدل على أنه ذهب إليه ، وسئل هل يأكلها قال : لم أقل يأكلها كلها ولا يتصدق منها بشيء .
والأشبه قياسها على الأضحية لأنها نسيكة مشروعة غير واجبة فأشبهت الأضحية ولأنها أشبهتها في صفاتها وسنها وقدرها وشروطها فأشبهتها في مصرفها .. . " المغني " ( 9 / 366 ) .
It is mustahabb to cook all of the ‘aqeeqah, even the share that is to be given in charity, because it was narrated that some of the Salaf, such as Jaabir (may Allaah be pleased with him), regarded that as mustahabb. ‘Ataa’ ibn Abi Rabaah used to say concerning the ‘aqeeqah: “It should be cut into pieces, cooked with water and salt, and given as gifts to one's neighbours.” (Narrated by al-Bayhaqi in al-Sunan, no. 19827).

 يستحب طبخ العقيقة كلها ، حتى ما يُتَصَدَّقُ به منها . لما روي عن بعض السلف استحباب ذلك ، مثل جابر بن عبد الله رضي الله عنه ، وكان عطاء بن أبي رباح يقول في العقيقة : " يقطع آرابا آرابا ، و يطبخ بماء وملح ، و يهدى في الجيران ". رواه البيهقي في السنن برقم 19827 

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