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The Virtue of the Mind

The Virtue of the Mind

People have differed regarding the essence of the mind and its location, subsequently this subject has been extensively discussed. In addition many hadiths has been narrated establishing the excellence of the mind. Some of which I have already mentioned in my book “Dispraise of Desires”, therefore I will not repeat them here rather I will mention a selection:
The excellence of a thing is know by its fruits, and from among the fruits of the mind is knowing the Creator, may He be exalted. For the mind has contemplated the proofs [of the existence of the Creator] until it knew Him, and has contemplated the proofs of the truthfulness of the Prophets until it recognized their truthfulness. The mind has encouraged obedience to Allah and to His messengers. It has schemed to get all that is difficult to obtain, and it tamed the animals. It taught man to build ships on which he reached what the sea had prevented men from reaching, and tricked the birds of the sea until they were hunted. All of this while man’s eyes observe the consequences and work in accordance with safety and need. Furthermore is taught man to relinquish the life of this world for the hereafter. Because of it, human beings have excellence over animals that have been prevented from having it (the mind), and it what qualifies man for the speech of Allah and His commandments. With it, man reaches the highest ranks that his kind can reach from the good of this world and the hereafter, in both knowledge and actions.
These virtues suffice the need to delve into detail.
From the book: “Disciplining the Soul” Ibn al-Jawzi (d.597 AH)

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