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The Ruling of children's songs

The Ruling of children's songs

We have previously asked your good selves about listening to singing and you replied that it is forbidden to listen to lewd singing therefore, what is the ruling of listening to Islamic, patriotic, children's and birthday songs, bearing in mind that these are accompanied by music whether on the radio or the television?

The answer:

Music is absolutely forbidden. Patriotic, Islamic and Children's songs are forbidden if they are accompanied by music. As for birthday parties, they are an innovation and it is forbidden to attend them or participate in them. Of the evidence that forbids singing and Anaasheed 58 that are accompanied by music, is the saying of the Prophet (9):

"There will surely be people from amongst my Ummah who will permit illegal sex, silk 59, alcohol and musical instruments"


58 Plural of Nasheed, which is a simple rhythmic song unaccompanied by music.

59 Silk is forbidden for males and permissible for females due to the saying of the Prophet (9):

"Gold and silk are lawful to the females of my Ummah and forbidden to its males."

Narrated by Ahmad Nasaaee and authenticated by Tirmidthee who states: "It is Hasan Saheeh". Narrated by Bukhaari in his Saheeh. Along side other Ahaadeeth narrated on this topic.

Book: Islamic Regarding The Muslim Child, by The Permanent Committee. [Fataawa Islaamiyyah: 4/3390]

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