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The ruling on mentioning past sins for dawah‏

The ruling on mentioning past sins for dawah‏  

Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan was asked the following question during the question and answer session at the end of his Tafsir class in Riyadh:

Question: In our country America there are some individuals who used to sing/rap and they have now become Muslim. These individuals have begun to give lectures for the purpose of calling the youth to Islam and advising them to abandon disbelief, but at times they (ex-rappers/singers) mention in their lectures some of the sins that they used to commit in the past. Is this action correct?

Answer: This is not correct. As for them giving da’wah and calling people to Islam, this is good. But as for them mentioning their past sins, this is not befitting. What is correct is that they seek forgiveness and abandon mentioning of those sins except within themselves. They mention their sins within themselves for the purpose of regret and seeking forgiveness. Also, mention of one’s past sins to an audience can possibly lead the listeners to fall into the same sins.

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