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Obscure Amulets

Obscure Amulets


My respected Shaykh, I found a written piece of paper on the road, and wanted to remove it, so that people would not trample on it. I looked at it to know whether it contained Qur'an, so I could take it, I found the following text in it. Please explain its meaning to me, and is it permissible or not? It reads: (These words should be engraved on a gold ring, and smoked with incense, and amber, and worn in a state of perfect purity. Continue mentioning Allaah's Name after every Salah 1130 times for a week after Fajr prayer on first Friday of the month, and end it on Thursday, after Isha prayer. Thereafter mention the two names after every obligatory prayer as many times as possible. This ritual has amazing secrets. It is an invaluable practice whose secrets you should never reveal to your own son nor anyone else, so that they may not be used improperly for harming the worshippers of Allaah.)


Whatever is mentioned in the question is unlawful and should not be used in an amulet, nor is it lawful to follow the instructions mentioned in that paper, for it contains obscure engravings. It may contain polytheistic formulas, and because it contains illegitimate formula for remembrance for a designated period of time which is not endorsed by the Islamic law. It also mentions two unknown names. All of this is unlawful, and he who happens to wear such a thing should rid himself of it, and erase the engravings on the ring which should not be smoked with incense. He should repent to Allaah from this thing. We ask Allaah to grant us safety and sound state of affairs, and may He exalt the mention of out Prophet Muhammad, his household, and his Companions.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts

Fatawa Islamiyah Vol. 1 Page 47

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