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Please don't ask

Al-Munaawi said in Fayd al-Qadeer (7/3):

It is possible that what is meant is asking a man too many questions about his situation, which includes asking about that which does not concern one. That also may lead to embarrassment for the one who is being asked, because he may prefer not to tell him about his situation, and if he tells him he may feel upset about that, but if he lies to him or tries to give indirect answers he may still feel upset, and if he ignores his question that will be bad manners.

ويقول المناوي في "فيض القدير" (7/3) 

" يحتمل أن المراد كثرة سؤال الإنسان عن حاله وتفاصيل أمره ، فيدخل ذلك في سؤاله عما لا يعنيه ، ويتضمن ذلك حصول الحرج في حق المسئول ، فإنه قد لا يؤثر إخباره بأحواله ، فإن أخبره شق عليه ، وإن كذبه في الإخبار أو تكلف التعريض لحقته المشقة ، وإن أهمل جوابه ارتكب سوء الأدب "  .

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