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Divorce Is Not The First Solution

Divorce Is Not The First Solution

Shaykh Saalih Al-Sadlaan states:

“It is not proper to turn to divorce for any problem which is solvable, or for any reason that may change in the future. A husband should never consider divorce simply because his emotions towards his wife have changed, or because there is suddenly something that he dislikes about her, or because he is not pleased with some of her actions or behaviour that are not related to one’s honor or the religion itself.

Emotions can change one hundred and eighty degrees. Temperatures may also change. Therefore, based on such things as this, one should not contemplate a very serious matter that will affect the complete make-up of the family.

It is a must upon the husband to study why his wife has become lax or lukewarm. He should also make it clear to her what his feelings are about the matter, perhaps she will point to some cause that he was unaware of. Then he might root out that problem or apologize for what he has done. Or, she may apologize after she recognises what she has been doing to him and she changes her way for what is best for him.”

[Taken from “An-Nushooz (marital Discord)” by Sh. Saalih Al-Sadlaan, Pp. 37-38]

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