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The Emergence Of Time When Bid`ah Will Be Considered As Sunnah

The Emergence Of Time When Bid`ah Will
Be Considered As Sunnah

The Companion, Hudhaifah bin al-Yamaan رضي الله عنه once took two stones and placed one on top of the other and asked his companions: ❝Do you see any light (passing) between these two stones?❞

They said: “O Abu `Abdullaah! We don’t see any light (passing) between these two stones except for very little.”

He said: ❝By the One (Allaah) in whose Hand is my soul! Verily, Bid`ah (religious innovation) will (soon) appear till nothing of the truth is seen except for the amount of light which you see (passing) between these two stones. By Allaah! Bid`ah will circulate (so much) so that if something of it is left out, the people will say: The Sunnah had been abandoned.❞

[al-Bid`a of Ibn al-Wadhdhaah (151); al-I`tesaam of al-Shaatibee (1/106)]

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