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Attending the masjid and having a bad smell

Attending the masjid and having a bad smell

Question: Often, in some masaajid there is a bad smell – such as [that of] garlic, onions, [tobacco] smoke – [something indicative of some of the congregation] paying [little or] no attention to the cleanliness of their clothes, nor respecting the sanctity of the prayer and the masaajid, not to mention the other members of the congregation; so what is your advice to these people?

Response: It is obligatory upon the Muslim when setting out for the masjid, that he smells nice, and that his clothes are clean; that s because he is heading for a house from the houses of Allaah, and will be mixing with other members of the congregation. So he must not cause them any discomfort with any bad smell; [the important thing being] whatever he does to eliminate the bad smell, or at the very least reduce it – then this is what is required.

توجهيكم لمن يحضر الصلاة بالروائح الكريهة


كثرة أحيانا في بعض المساجد روائح كريهة كالثوم والبصل والدخان وعدم اﻷهتمام بنظافة الثياب وتعظيم شعيرة الصلاة والمساجد وأيضًا المصلين من عباد الله توجيهكم بارك الله فيكم؟
الجواب:ـ يجب على المسلم حينما يتوجه إلى المسجد أن يكون طيب الرائحة وأن تكون ثيابه نظيفة لأنه متوجه إلى بيت من بيوت الله ويختلط بالمصلين فلا يؤذيهم بالروائح الكريهة فمهما استطاع يزيل الرائحة الكريهة أو يخففها على اﻷقل فإنه يتعين عليه ذلك.

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