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O you who wasted his strength without reserve!

Al Imaam Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah said

O you who wasted his strength without reserve! And transgressed in his illness without a shield!  And who has no patience to repent! Do not deny the approach of destruction, for illness will cause corruption! If you were to follow the divine remedy so as to cure yourself, by having a shield from vain desires and lusts you would have found salvation! Unfortunately, lust blinded your insight, to the extent that you think salvation means to abandon the promise of Allaah in return for vain desires! What blind insight you have! It makes you impatient for one hour, then you bare disgrace forever! You travel seeking this worldly life despite its transient nature and you neglect to prepare for your journey to the hereafter despite its eternity!

If you find a man, who is buying something worthless in return for something precious, and is selling something priceless in return for something of no value, verily he is a fool”

Al fawaaid (Eng trans pg. 104)


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