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The wife of Sheikh Albaanee raheemahullaah, Umm al-Fadl, was asked....

The wife of Sheikh Albaanee raheemahullaah, Umm al-Fadl, was asked:

Being the wife of this noble scholar, did you see that his knowledge, seeking knowledge and teaching it to the people took away from his coexistence with you as the head of your household? 

She replied:

I thank you for your warm sentiments and I want to let you know that seeking knowledge would not prevent the Shaikh from carrying out any of his family obligations. Rather, the total opposite was true. For he, may Allaah have mercy on him, was an exemplary head of a household, cooperating with his family. 

And believe me, my son, he used to help me a great deal in the household chores such that I would feel embarrassed in front of him due to it. So much so that one time he was cleaning the patio with me, to which I said, ‘O Shaikh! Don’t disgrace me in front of the neighbours, they will say that you are doing your wife’s work.’

He replied, ‘This is not a disgrace. Don’t you know that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam would be at the service of his family?’

[Source: لقاء مع ام الفضل زوجة الشيخ الألباني رحمه الله A sitting with Umm al Fadl Wife of Shaykh al Albaanee]

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