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Naseeha to muslims who are living in daar al Kufaar

Naseeha to muslims who are living in daar al Kufaar
The questions were read to him by sheikh Abu Abdil A’laa, though the questions were mainly around Hajj there was one question that was relevant and that the questioner asked saying I am an Algerian who has taken up residence in the UK and I married a European woman.  She had embraced Islam then after a period she apostate and has gone with my children and I am unable to get my children from her what is your advice?
The sheikh responded by saying this is a punishment and recompense to you from Allah for taking up residence in the lands of shirk! Then he mentioned advice to the questioner and all who have taken up residence in the lands of the kufaar for the purpose of obtaining the dunya is to return to their Muslim lands. For indeed the affair is very dangerous and we have seen may of their offsprings apostate from Islam. Those who migrate to those lands it is a must that apostacy will overcome them or some of their offsprings, and this is an affair that is known and observed .  So seek your sustenance from Allah For Allah Says: “Indeed Allah is The Sustainer, the possessor of great might” know that what Allah has written for you from provisions will never pass you. So we believe that Allah he is the provider and that what is written in the preserved tablet will not change, neither will our provisions pass us. And it is possible that one may live in the lands of the disbeliever poor and disgraced, doing menial labour such as toilet cleaning and the like! Indeed the Muslim is noble and honourable.
Allah says: “But Honor power and glory belong to Allah, His messenger and the believers, but the hypocrites know not” (Suratul Munaafiqqoon Vs 8)
Thus the believer should be noble, have richness in his heart and live in his own land the lands of Islaam, where he can nurture his children upon the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger of Allah – Sallallahu alaihi wa salam
He mentioned that we are truly sorry to hear about your children and that you should try what you can to get them back into your custody
Those were some brief note on yesterdays sitting and I will endeavour to summarise todays sitting tomorrow inshallah
Wallahu A’lam
Answered by Shaykh Rabee al'Madkhalee hafidahu Allah

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