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Indeed the believer in this Dunyaa
is like a stranger...

From al-Hasan al-Basari who said:

‘Indeed the believer in this Dunyaa is like a stranger, he does not surrender to the humiliation of the Dunyaa, nor does he compete with the people of the Dunyaa for the honour of this Dunyaa.

The people according to him are relaxing, while his soul according to himself is busy (with the Hereafter). As a result Toobah (a tree in Paradise) is for the slave of Allaah who earns goodness and submits a virtuous action for a day when he will be poor and in need. (i.e. the Day of Judgment.)

[Zuhd by Ahmad 333/Muhasib an-Nafs by Ibn Abi Dunyaa 78]

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