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The best come-back to someone insulting your mother...

The best come-back to someone insulting your mother...
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Ahnaf ibn Qais one of the Tabi‘un was famous for his forbearance and patience and for not becoming angry. One day some of his companions decided to try to arouse his anger. One of them went to him, asking to marry his mother! Ahnaf said,
"We are not rejecting you because we think your status is too low, nor because we lack the desire to be related to you through marriage; rather, it is because my mother is old in age - she is almost 70. And you are a young man, in the prime of your youth. You need an affectionate and fertile women, who will take from your manners and learn from you character.”
He then said to the young man, “Return to your people and inform them that you were not able to make me angry.”

[Source: Gems And Jewels: Wise Sayings, Interesting Events & Moral Lessons From The Islamic History pg. 65]

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